On June 2nd, 2022, Goldkey among other companies partnered with The International Finance Corporations World Bank Group (IFC)as they launched the EDGE Net Ready Competition for university students and professionals in Ghana.

The competition was in two categories, one being the green design competition which was aimed at getting architecture and engineering students in the “built environment” to exhibit their understanding of green buildings using the EDGE App and utilizing knowledge from the Design for Greater Efficiency (DfGE) course and in the second category, professionals were called upon to submit existing projects or retrofitted buildings that can be proven to be as close to net zero as possible. A net zero building is one that has zero net energy consumption, producing as much energy as it uses in one year.

It was a 12-week competition that climaxed in an awards ceremony on the 7th of October 2022 where the winners from both categories were announced and awarded.

Goldkey has received EDGE certifications for two of its outstanding developments i.e., the Cannon House, and the PwC Tower. EDGE is internationally recognized as a green building certification system operated by the International Finance Corporation (IFC); they reward developers who implement strategies to reduce energy and water use in their buildings, as well as reduce the ‘embodied energy’ in their building materials.

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