Goldkey Properties’ Commitment to a Greener Future

With over 25 years of experience in the development of prime real estate in Ghana, Goldkey Properties is leading the charge when it comes to cutting-edge property development and management. We pride ourselves in our staunch commitment to adopting sustainable measures that ensure a greener and safer environment. Our vision and efforts for a greener future have been recognized and acknowledged by the EDGE certification system, an innovation of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) certification led by the IFC, awards real estate developers who implement affordable and effective building strategies that actively cut down the use of energy, water, and materials in developments. With urbanization rapidly growing across the African continent, we are observing a rise in the green building market in various African countries; over 4.2 million square meters of EDGE-certified floor space developed throughout the continent. Goldkey Properties is proud to be one of the real estate developers in Ghana to be a part of this and has shown tremendous commitment to its sustainability.

Two of our modern commercial buildings, Cannon House, and Pwc Tower, have been awarded the prestigious EDGE certification. Located in Cantonments City, these two Grade A commercial properties boldly display, cutting edge technology, state of the art architectural design and gorgeous interior finishes. These qualities are further enhanced by the various innovations that ensure that these properties are environmentally stable.

 In order to limit the consumption of energy in the building, Pwc Tower is equipped with glazed curtain walls throughout each unit that allow natural light penetration and reduce the need for artificial lighting. By installing LED, as well as motion occupancy sensors, the building manages to achieve energy savings. Water and waste are managed with the use of a bio-digester which treats human waste into water and methane, the former being rerouted back into the main sewer insulator and into reservoir tanks in the green park in Cantonments City.

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