PwC Tower, a development by Goldkey Properties, has received EDGE Certification. EDGE is an internationally-recognized green building certification system operated by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). It rewards developers who implement strategies to reduce energy and water use in their buildings, as well as reducing the ‘embodied energy’ in their building materials.

EDGE certification is a testament to a developer’s commitment to sustainability.   Fuseina Abu, Managing Director of Goldkey Properties said, “Given our position as leaders in the Ghanaian real estate market, not going green with the PwC Tower was never an option.  

Producing efficient, green buildings is an integral part of our strategy.” 

PwC Tower is one of the most dynamic working environments in Ghana. It is an ultramodern commercial facility, boasting high-end interior finishes, modern architectural design, and state-of-the-art mechanical systems and technology.  It offers the highest quality Grade A office space. 

Some sustainable features implemented in the building include: 

  • The use of an advanced system of waste management which reduces consumption of mains water.  
  • A modern, integrated energy-saving HVAC system which efficiently filters air, replenishes oxygen and controls temperature in every space. 
  • A specialized waffle slab flooring system which is designed to produce greater strength whilst using a smaller volume of concrete and steel.  The slabs have a flat top surface but the underside is moulded to produce a honeycomb or “waffle” effect in which the ribs make a slab that is stronger than a conventional flat slab.  

Goldkey Properties’ goal is to outpace conventional buildings by being environmentally and socially responsible, and to improve the quality of life of its occupants. PwC Tower is one of the first ultra-modern commercial spaces in Ghana to receive EDGE certification, and will be a benchmark in sustainability for upcoming developments.

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